Additional Moving Services: What Can Good Movers Offer?

When you think “moving company services” you probably think about the people carrying the things and up and down stairs, packing boxes into a truck, and driving them to your new home. But most companies also offered additional moving services on top of their basic package. You should be well familiar with what a professional moving company does, right? Professional movers can and often do much more in order to complete the relocation jobs they get to paid to finish successfully. Here much more is known as additional services.  Here is the some of the additional services

  1. Packing and unpacking : Proper packing requires lots of time and energy. And also wrapping and padding materials. So you will need professional packers to take care of your belongings. If you have delicate pieces of art or other valuable articles that don’t fit into standard moving boxes, you can request custom packing services. That services offered by the Professional moving companies we can call it as additional services.
  2. Disassembly and Reassembly of furniture: If you are not sure how to disassemble and prepare your large furniture pieces of moving consider using professional help, The movers have the specialized equipment and they know how to safely reassemble the furniture. They deliver to your home in perfect condition.
  3. Appliances servicing: If you want your movers disconnect the electrical appliances at your old home and set them up in your new residence, you will have to pay extra charges to the movers.
  4. Taking items up the stairs: if the movers have to wait for an elevator or if you want take them to take your items up or down the stairs of high residential building, you have to pay extra charge for that.
  5. Carrying items for a long Distance: If there is no Parking place in front of your property, the moving truck may have to stop at considerable distance from the entrance to your home. In this case the movers have bring out your items in a long distance. So at that consider as additional charges.
  6. Waiting or Re-Delivery : In case you can’t receive your shipment on the agreed date and time, the movers will charge you extra fee for waiting.
  7. Split Pickup and Delivery : Some times you want to move your some items in a particular different location(Friend’s house, temporary lodgings etc.)in that case you have to take the advantage of split-pickup or delivery services. For that you have to pay additional charges.

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