Difference Between Brokers vs Movers

If your clients are not doing their move themselves, there are two ways they can hire a moving company to do their move. One way is to hire a moving broker and the other is to hire moving company.

Moving broker: Moving brokers are the middlemen between the person who is moving and Moving company. Brokers are not the actual movers and in that they do not have their own trucks or moving equipment or have professional moving staff. They provide convenience routes to finding the best moving companies in the particular area. Moving brokers give estimates for a move either over the phone or in the internet and collect a fee from the moving person. The benefit of using a moving broker is that the move could be cheaper than hiring a moving company directly. There are some risks involved with using a broker. There is the possibility that the job might not be accepted by a moving company. Usually because limited resources, low estimation, no availability, In this case you can get stuck without a mover on the day of your move.

If the Customers should believe the broker means The brokers should have Register with FMCSA(Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), should have written agreement with movers they use.

Moving Companies: Moving Companies the the firm that do the actual move. They have the own trucks, and moving equipment’s and have professional moving staff. While making an agreement with moving company might provide more confidence with move., there are the additional services, such as preparing appliances for the move or moving piano and extra charges, such as expedited services and long charges. And Reputable moving companies send an expert to your home, to do a visual home inventory and quote you an accurate moving cost estimate. And also they provide the necessary packing materials to provide the packing services. And also you will get the chance to discuss with the moving companies and discuss the important issues and ask essential questions that are linked directly to the upcoming move a face to face interaction that is much more beneficial than dealing with the moving company broker over the phone or via e-mail.

Risks of using Moving Broker: At the time of booking your move, you’re strongly advised to ask the company, if they are actual moving company or Moving Broker. If it turns out that you’re dealing with the brokering company, then you should know the following risks and dangers when using services of moving broker.

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