Local Movers in Qatar

Local Movers in Qatar

Local Movers in Qatar

Intermodal Movers Company is on a quest of professionalism and perfection characterized by a relentless pursuit for innovation and focus. We’ve worked hard to develop a reputation as one of the most respected moving companies in the world. The process of employee relocation depends on whether an individual employee is being relocated to Qatar, relocated from Qatar elsewhere in the same location, or if an employee and their family are being relocated together. Intermodal Movers is the best local Movers in Qatar

All the packing process is done under the guidance and supervision of packing and moving experts, who work tirelessly to make sure that the goods are perfectly packed and don’t get damaged during transportation. We always will have someone accompanying your goods from one city to other, hence giving you timely updates. We look after both local and domestic moves, you could be any place in Qatar and we will get you there!.

We are the only specialized packing company that offers Flat Fees assured estimate, and offer for those homeowners who don’t want the worry or have the time to pack their own goods.

Our Unpacking Services includes:

  • Carefully unpacking items from the box
  • Wiping and cleaning the area for proper placement of unpacked items.
  • Disposing of the packaging materials.
  • Proper positioning of items.

We use boxes and cartons according to the packaging of goods. We do packing in corrugated boxes, wooden boxes, craters, paper cartons, etc. to pack your valuable goods.

Local Movers in Qatar

Intermodal Movers have certified moving consultants that can and will assist you with every aspect of the move, from planning to execution.

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