What Not To Pack When Moving

Packing your things yourself is an excellent way to avoid costs when moving, but the single most important things to know what not to pack.

Here are some of the items Not pack and move with rest of your belongings.

  1. Money, securities, valuable, papers, jewelry, keep your treasure with you, If they are already tucked securely in a safe deposit box in the bank. Don’t forget to get new safe deposit box close your new home and transfer the items there before your move.
  2. Flammables: items such as aerosol cans, paints and gasoline should not pack when moving.
  3. Plants and Flowers : Some states don’t allow plants to cross state lines so moving company won’t be able to transport them for you. Way in advance of moving day. Before moving once better to ask moving company whether they allow to move plants or not. And also don’t move those plants in the dark without water too long.
  4. Medicines : Speak with your pharmacist and get the prescriptions transferred to your new home and find out how to transport them safely. Don’t forget your pet’s medications also.
  5. Explosives : Guns, firearms, explosives and toxic substances. I really hope you don’t have these. If you have children get very curious during a move and last thing you would want on moving day is a horrible accident.
  6. Family : Children, special need individuals, elderly family members and pets, including fish and reptiles, we know you aren’t packing these loved once. But it is very important make sure they all have a safe, cool and have secure place to be on moving day. And keep away from all the boxes, commotion and movers. Make those arrangements way in the advance of moving day and make sure everyone knows where everyone is going during the moving process.


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