Top Things People Forget To Do When Moving

There are lot to remember when it comes moving house, From all the big physical stuff right down to the small bits of paperwork. So it’s no wonder that there are some things that get left behind.

When teamed up with Right move to run a competition based on your removal stories. Here we reminded just how many things people forget when they move.

Labelling Boxes :   When you are moving little things like labelling the boxes can easily be forgotten. And although it seems like a small mistake to make. The impact it can have on your move at the other end can be quite a big one, as one response to our competition proved.

Using the Correct packing Materials : Not using the right packing material can lead to a number of issues. The biggest one being risk of damage. Boxes that aren’t strong enough for their contents can easily collapse under the weight.

Planning to avoid moving on Friday : Unless  you really can’t avoid it. try as hard as you can not move on a Friday.  It might be tempting to deliberately schedule your move so that you have the weekend to sort your house without taking too much time away from work. But Friday are a notoriously busy day for removal companies.

Collecting All right keys from the  previous owners : You have got the front and back door keys and you’ve even remembered to ask for the ones for the windows and conservatories.

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