International Relocation

Be it individual, family or business, Relocating or Moving internationally means you'll be dealing with language barriers, customs regulations, global security requirements, and a heightened need for precise coordination and punctuality. With all the stress associated with these changes, wouldn't it be great if there is an expert who has walked thousands of people through moving? Someone you could trust to handle all the above and safely deliver your possessions intact?

That's just what the moving specialists at Intermodal Movers do best. We are one of the leading international movers / international relocation companies with operations throughout major countries & cities. With world-class transportation, shipping and relocations services, Intermodal Movers provide international movers with peace of mind. We make sure that your needs are fully understood and that we are prepared to provide the services required to assure your international move is seamless. Our customers receive the local expertise support they need as they journey into new, uncharted territory.

With our extensive network of overseas agents and worldwide affiliates, we can effectively co-ordinate your International moves and pave the way to a smooth customs clearance with expeditious international moving services. You will be assigned a Sea & Air representative to oversee your move, who will keep you informed every step of the way. Our extensive knowledge and experience with international relocation services make us one of the best moving companies in the business. Simply fill out our detailed quote form for a fast international moving quote. We can help you estimate your shipment's cubic feet and the price to transport your goods to your overseas destination. Our international moving rates are affordable and competitive. Get your estimate today!

International Moving Services

Intermodal Movers provides international movers with a consistent end-to-end moving experience, uniform standards and unsurpassed local knowledge. Our customers receive the support and peace of mind they need as they embark on their international moving journeys. Our procedures include:

  • Survey & Estimate

    Initial step starts with the survey of assets to be moved. After the physical survey, an estimate is provided to the client.

  • Pre-Plan

    Upon budget approval, you will be assigned an account manager, who along with our expert team, strategically plan the next steps including segregation, packing materials and legal routing.

  • Visa & Immigration Services

    Once packed, our immigration services team help you to obtain the proper work authorizations, passports and custom clearance before your move.

    The Final Move

    After all documentation, your package is set on the move. Via Air, Sea & Land, we make sure your items are intact throughout it's journey.

  • Unloading & Unpacking

    Once the cleared items reach the destination, its unloaded safely and each item is unpacked against the original checklist. The condition of all the goods are re-checked to make sure of zero damage.

  • Arrangement

    Optionally, we also provide the service of arranging items at your destination once unpacked, as per your liking.